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Hi ! Sorry for my English, it not very well. I've added a bank account and now I earn some money with my business. I want to know where goes that money ?

Thank you very much for your response !

Bonjour, je vous écris, cette fois-ci en français pour savoir où est versé mon bénéfice ? Sur mon compte bancaire directement ?

Je vous remercie de prendre le temps de m'éclaircir

asked by Henrique SANTOS (120 points)

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Dear Henrique

Thank you for your inquiry.

When using wallee as your payment service provider with SIX as your acquiring service, the payout is usually every ten days.

The amount is collected on a virtual bank account first and is then transferred to your bank account every ten days.

I hope this helps.

answered by Patricius THUINER (1.1k points)