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I a have a shopify account and I want to integrate payment with Aly pay.

I am stuck in the part where its says in the wallee website:
'The encryption key for the production environment has been generated. If you havent already done so, you should download it and send it to AliPay before you can use the processor.
Download The Key'

2 questions:
1/ I downloaded many times the key, that a cannot read. How do i read it?
2/ How do I send it to AliPay to be able to use the processor?

Thanks a lot!


asked by karine LEMIRE (120 points)

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Hi Karine

Not sure what you mean when you say you "cannot read" the key, but it's just a file that is not intended to be human-readable. You can simply send the file to Alipay along with your merchant PID to the following email address: overseas_support@service.alibaba.com

Please check for more details in the Alipay processor setup documentation:

Also see on this Alipay documentation page, under the "Step 2" heading:

answered by Ivan TODOROVIC (140 points)