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I tried the contract again and choose EURO and US Dollars and still no luck.

I have a Shopify Shop Identifier and Security Token. Do I need to do something with these before setup? When I click the Wallee app in my Shopify store nothing happens, page doesn't even load.

asked by Dan HUTCHINGS (140 points)

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Hi Dan

thanks for your feedback.

I just got feedback from our developer.
The issue with the contract should be fixed by now. Can you please try it again?
If it still does not work, please make a screenshot and send it to me as well as copy paste the complete error ID number so we can take a look.

There are no options in the Wallee App itself, you need to enter the Shop Identifier and the Token directly within the payment gateways. Choose the payment method you have installed under "manual payments", on there you need to enter these data.

Hope this helped.

Benjamin Stadler

answered by Benjamin STADLER (2k points)