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I'm trying to give my details in setup assistant on the contract page but I get an error.

Website is www.offergames.co.uk using Shopify.

Kind regards


asked by Dan HUTCHINGS (140 points)

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Hi Daniel,

thanks for your message.

I have spoken with a developer about this.
There is currently an issue with the delimiter of the revenue value that was entered upon contract activation. Could you try and see if it works with a different delimiter and then get back to us?

The issue will of course be reviewed from our side on the meantime but it would be great to know if it works for you with a different delimiter.

Benjamin Stadler

answered by Benjamin STADLER (2k points)

I tried the contract again and choose EURO and US Dollars and still no luck.

I have a Shopify Shop Identifier and Security Token. Do I need to do something with these before setup? When I click the Wallee app in my Shopify store nothing happens, page doesn't even load.
...still getting error page