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I did all steps of integration to shopify. I moved through check out page by sellecting credit card option. Payment couldn`t be done, i received a failure massage at shopify which the same failure massage i see in my wallee dashboard.
Advice please!

Thank you

asked by Serkan SUREL (120 points)
edited by Sascha KRüSI

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Dear Serkan

The issue is that the currency that you used in your shop does not match the currency you have setup in Braintree. Please make sure that you follow the steps outlined in the manual: https://app-wallee.com/doc/api/processor/documentation/1483441449518/braintree#_account_settings

You can also see the error message if you open the Transaction in wallee and read the error message there (see screenshot below).

answered by Sascha KRüSI (3.9k points)