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I am trying to activate my account but I cannot enter State information. It appears that it should be a dropdown, but there are no options and and anything I enter does not get saved and shows an error. I have tried this on Chrome and Firefox with the results. Please advise.

asked by Brett EDGELL (120 points)

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Dear Brett

This is very strange. I added some details now and I was able to store that without problem. Can you please share with me your specs (Operating System, Browser Version you used etc.). Can you send this via the support form?

You can now continue with the configuration of the account. Sorry again for this trouble.

answered by Patricius THUINER (1.4k points)
I have same issue. Cannot select state from drop down and it doesn't allow me to type it in. So frustrating. Sent email to wallee 3 days ago and no response. Tried google chrome and internet explorer. It works for other countries, but not United States. Here is issue in a screenshot:

working dropdown: https://snag.gy/AFyDBj.jpg
not working dropdown: https://snag.gy/MfuDlc.jpg

Any ideas?