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I've testing shopify -> wallee -> ingenico payment system for a couple of days.

First of all, I really thank you for fully understandable document. It is much helpful for me to not lost my way.

Currently, my setting seems fine as pay -> wallee -> ingenico and back to our payment successful page.

By the way,
1) how can I setup always forcing to client 3d-secure confirm?
- Meaning that, we want to "always on" 3d-secure, if some clients are not activated 3d-secure their own card account, we just politely refuse the payment process(because of avoid fradulant payment from stolen card..)

2) how can I test if the 3d-secure is working
- Test info from ingenico parameters seem working but it isn't ask me confirm code nor send me some text(sms).

3) I know, wallee has its own testing function, can I use this testing mode? I'm not sure if I can, because my ingenico account is in test mode now. Should I change test mode to production mode in ingenico, in order to use wallee's test mode?

Much thanks for consideration!

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1) Settings for 3D Secure can be found in the connector configuration.

2) Please contact your Payment Service Provider directly to get more information about the Testing with 3D Secure. By the way, we always recommend to test transactions in Live Mode, so you know exactly how the payment is done.

3) Wallee Test Mode has its own test credentials, to let you check the possibilities of a certain payment method. But we suggest you to switch to Live Mode and to enter your own credentials to test your really payments.

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