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I have tried to connect wallee with shopify using the guidelines of the wallee video and I have successfully chosen three payment methods in shopify which are: Visa (wallee), Mastercard (wallee) and American Express.

When I go to my website and try to process the order. Visa + Amex issue the same error:
The system does not allow me to add cc information
Ooops! Sorry something went wrong!
The payment request is invalid as the signature validation failed.
Please contact us and we will try to solve this issue.

When I try to process Mastercard there is a different error:
The system allows me to add cc information. When I click on complete order, it takes me back to the page of payment info and asks me to enter it again. So it is like a circle.

Can you please help me?

Attached are some screen shots:

asked by Ivi KYRATZI (120 points)

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You should check (and correct) the tokens and shop identifiers in your wallee Space.

answered by Mike OTT (1.7k points)
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