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We are trying to configure our Wallee to our Shopify account to be able to process credit and debit card payments through Open Payment Platform.

We followed the integration process throughly but we can't seem to enable Payment Providers to accept credit and debit cards.

After enabling it from our Wallee account, we get the result that's shown below:

asked by Andy LOGAN (140 points)

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Please click on Edit and disable Shopify Payments.

You will then see in the list the credit / debit card gateway of wallee. The problem is that Shopify allows you only to have one Credit Card provider active.

Alternatively you can install VISA / MasterCard/ AMEX etc as different brands as listed here: https://app-wallee.com/en-us/doc/shopify#_adding_the_payment_gateway

Then they will be installed under alternative payments.

answered by Mike OTT (1.7k points)