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I am working on integration Ingenico Directlink to our Shopify. The main reason for that is to offer our clients the possibility to store their credit card details. We are also proposing alternative payment methods (Post, Twint). So to come back to my questions: everything goes well until I want to re-use a credit card which has been stored. When I checkout and choose to use a stored credit card, Wallee checkout page throw me back to the Shopify checkout page, withoug confirming the order. Ingenico backend gives me a status 2 (authorization refused). I have no clue why this happens. Can anymone help me maybe?

asked by Cedric RIMELLA (120 points)
edited by Thomas HUNZIKER

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The error seems to be caused by a refusal of the card. Why this is happening can be not seen in the backend of Ingenico nor within wallee. I recommend to get in contact with Ingenico to find out why the card has been refused.

answered by Thomas HUNZIKER (2.3k points)
Hello Thomas, thanks for your message. I have indeed check with Ingenico and it seems that it was related to the fact that a number was missing in the code (ICE, ICS, not sure as I am not an expert....) when transmitting to Concardis. Ingenico has ajusted that and it works like a charm now. Thanks again for your kind assistance !