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Dear Sir,

We realized that the wallee services were not working longer just by coincidence. No one informed us about this.
When we tested a transaction : An error page appeared in our website with the WALLEE logo
When we logged in in the Wallee account, there was nothing configured and the system was inviting to start the set up as we were loggin in for the first time.
I think this is due to a problem with our monthly fee payment. We had problems with our credit card last month and maybe wallee couldn't deduct the fee and hence wallee stopped their services but instead of freezing them wallee just removed/cleared/erased all our set up configurations.
Now when I tried to set up everything again, I can't do it. There is something wrong I am surely doing but don^'t know what. The first time I could do it. All the help I try to ask or look in the web sends me to some set-up documentation. But I did everything as in the instructions and still can' t make this work.

I want to know how to solve but I think then you are going to ask me to pay for the installation and I will have to accept it because we can't afford to have our store with this errors.

The question is what happened to our account with the first set-up that was working all good, Why it has disappeared. is this because of the failed payment and if so, how can we avoid this in the future. Even though we have all the intention to pay for the monthly fee, sometimes there can be failed payments and we don't want to have to set up everything again or expense the set up services again.!


asked by Alfredo ARREDONDO (140 points)

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Hi Alfredo,

thanks for your message.
We will take a look what has happened to your account.
Can you please tell us the Mail address that you are using on wallee and if you can see it, also the space and account ID you are using on wallee?

answered by Benjamin STADLER (2k points)
reference    account-2137
space: AGUADEORO 1675
Hi Alfredo,

your subscription #902 was terminated because the payment has failed.
We have tried multiple times to send you mails regarding the payment information and the failed transaction but we couldn't send it to you because the mail address you have entered in wallee is not correct (aa@aguadeoro.ch.ch)
These mails include warnings about the termination of the account.
We have waited from 09. of february until 25. of April until the termination took place. If this happens more often with your used credit card, please check with your card provider.

The subscription #1302 on your new account #2137 is active and should work fine. You should be able to set up your space on that account.

In case it is not working, please inform us where exactly the problem is (with screenshots).
Thanks for your reply. I suggest that Wallee should have a confirmation email when someone signs in. Regarding the problem we are having right now we sent a new question two days ago  and additionally screenshots (yesterday).  Still waiting the reply from your support team.