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What dos this mean? Customers can't do payments due to this error. I read several times and followed step by step the documentation but can't find solve this problem.

This happen after customer enter the card details and proceeds the payment.

JSON API has benn entered as shown in Saferpay exactly like this: API_243012_96739376 and password is correct.

How can we know where is the problem?

asked by Alfredo ARREDONDO (140 points)
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We need to know exactly where this message pops up. Is it before or after entering your card details? I assume you didn't configure the API user correctly. A screenshot would also be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

answered by Gil SOZINHO (730 points)
I edited the first post writing the API and uploaded a screenshot . Please let me know.
any reply to my last comment. I edited my first post and put all the requested information.
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I assume your Saferpay Account is not setup to handle Credit Card Payments. I would need access to said account to check that. You'll have to subscribe to our Support services for me to be able to help you in that manner.

answered by Gil SOZINHO (730 points)
This doesn't make sense. Saferpay is set up correct. It was working perfectly before with another wallee account.  Please see my other post to understand.   :  https://ask.wallee.com/217/the-set-up-that-was-working-has-been-completely-erased
Hello I am having exactly the same issue with Saferpay. Did you come to any resolution Alfredo ?
Hi everyone,

was anyone able to resolve the issue? We are getting the same error. We have checked the configuration several times.