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Hi experts,
I have my shop on Shopify and have selected Wallee as the payment gateway to process Swiss payments.
I've got BSPayone as a payment provider.
I know nothing about setting up the app but did give it a go... however I cannot seem to be able to process a payment through my site.
Could someone help? Or if i could have the services of an integrator to do it that would be ideal!
Thanks in advance

asked by Samantha TOUCHAIS (120 points)

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Hi Samantha,

Did you take a look already in our documentations?
You can find the ones for your setup here:

you can also purchase our installation service to have us setting up your shop and/or payment processors in wallee.
The prices are as follows:

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.

answered by Benjamin STADLER (1.5k points)