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I would like to know what to do for correctly setting up my payment and activating my payment gateway.

Thank you for your help !

asked by Pierre-Henri GIVELET (120 points)

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Could you please be a bit more specific with your request? We need to know which erros occur on which page to be able to fully support you. Feel free to contact us directly and ask for our integration service if you wish for us to go ahead and make it work. (info@customweb.com) Thanks in advance.

answered by Gil SOZINHO (730 points)
I linked WALLEE to my payment settings in Shopify.
The website is : www.arphytem.com

When I want to process a payment, all cards are not rejected and the different attempts to authorize the transaction failed. I would like to know why and what do I need to do.
I've asked Shopify, they told me that the issue is coming from your solution.

Thank you for your help,