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1) Got every time this error for master account: "The user needs at least one of the following permissions: Root >> Account Admin >> Space >> Subscription >> Subscribers >> Create" - im sure account have "Account Admin" permission.
2) When im trying to use my api client got 401 error, but all other features works ok.

asked by Daniel WANITSCH (140 points)

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Hi Daniel,

could you please tell me your wallee Account/Space ID and explain what you are trying to do?
Where does this error appear, in your shop system? Can you create a screenshot of this please.
I will then take a look.

answered by Benjamin STADLER (2k points)
Account 2057 / Space #1611

We try to create a subscriber to an existing product.
Sceenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h5hr8m4isx1hoxd/Bildschirmfoto%202018-06-07%20um%2000.05.17.png?dl=0
any news here? :)
Hi Daniel,

I redirected your issue to our developers.
They are currently analyzing the problem to find out what causes it.
We will get back to you once we know more about it.
Hi Daniel,

The issue has been fixed now. Feel free to contact us again if any further questions arise.