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We are using Wallee in our collections process. There is a Reminder Time Out function.

We now realized, that after the set time frame (in our case 30 days) wallee automatically sets the open invoice on charge off.

That does not make any sense.

An invoice should stay open, until it is either payed by the customer or charged off manually.

This seems to be a major flaw in the process.

Please advise on how to handle this. Either remove the automatic charge off function in relation to the Reminder Time Out - or set the Time Out to 999 days.


asked by Ralph SCHULTEN (120 points)

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Hi Ralph,

You can set the timeout manually as well as the payment term time and the option to even use dunning or not in the Connector configuration of your space.
With the payment term time you can define the number of days the customer is given to pay the invoice.
If you are using dunning flows, you can specify the days for each dunning flow level in the "Dunning Flows" configuration.
If you need a higher period of time you can either add more days or disable the dunning feature completely.

answered by Benjamin STADLER (2k points)
Hi Benjamin

Where exactly do I have to go to find this option? I navigated to the connector but the only configuration I could find was this one and it doesn't seem to have 30 days as a value so I think it's not the right one: https://i.imgur.com/EnywKiG.png
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Hi Ralph

I upgraded you to the latest version of the subscription. There we introduced the Debt Collection Process.

I saw that you have a dunning flow of 30 days. After this dunning flow is reached and the invoice is not collected successfully we automatically open a debt collection case for debt collection. The invoice will stay in this process for a max. of 365 days by default.

However, we derecognize the invoice and you will have to manually take care of your accounting. What you could do is to add additional dunning levels. During dunning the invoice stays as open.

This should solve your issue.

answered by Benjamin STADLER (2k points)