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I can make payments through iOS safari, but when using google Chrome in the payment gateway page - it won't let you proceed the payment - reason expiry date not valid!! I used different cards but seems some glitch is there!

I need help so my manager approve the e store project

Our e store: jazierah.myshopify.com


asked by Abdulelah ALBASSAM (200 points)

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Dear Abduelah

I did a test with an IOS Simulator using chrome on your website. It worked fine (see screenshot). Also the expiry date is validated perfectly. See screenshot. Can you send us a screenshot of your page to our support address?

answered by Mike OTT (1.7k points)
if you would like to try in a test mode please get in touch so we can arrange the testing.
Hi Abdulelah
Thanks for the offer,
could you please activate test mode for us?
You can also enter the test mode details in the processor configuration and then we can switch to check of this is okay for you.
it has been switched to test mode - i will change it to live in 2 hours

waiting for you
Kindly make sure your browser language settings is Arabic.

I switched it back since nobody tested yet. Please you can check with other testing merchants from your side!! But to re produce my Arabian customers issue correctly you need change your browser language settings to Arabic. And country should be Saudi Arabia...

Please inform me if you are not able to fix it!! We lost too much sales due to this glitch