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I have integrated my shoplift and wallet plugin app and they appearing on each others site however when I try to enter alternative payment providers in the payments section on shoplify I find that Wallee is not an option and my merchant account company have checked everything and it should be working.

If you have any idea of what might be the issue I'd be grateful.

Many thanks


asked by Zoe O'SULLIVAN (120 points)

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Zoe you have to make sure that you fist of all install the payment provider by clicking on the links that are described in the manual: https://app-wallee.com/en-us/doc/shopify#_option_2_payment_pre_selection

If you click on this link you will be redirected to the login page of Shopify. Login and you will then see the gateway in the payment section.

If this does not work please send an email using the support button in your space.

answered by Sascha KR├╝SI (5.1k points)