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Hi all,

we are using wallee to connect our Saferpay Gateway to Shopify and we got quite many complaints from customers that it is not obvious that we offer Postfinance payment option.
From Shopify's end there is no way we can show the Postfinance logo among the payment options like with VISA and Master Card, so we thought we could change the name to Credit Card / Postfinance instead of Credit Card / Debit Card.

Do I see it correctly that Shopify only displays the name of the payment method which is "Credit Card / Debit Card" and it is not changeable?? We added a title but it did nothing on Shopify's end..

any idea how to display the Postfinance payment method? How do other Swiss shop deal with this?

asked by Zsuzsa POGATS (140 points)

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Please enter a specific title for your Payment Method under "Configuration" > "Payment Methods" under the setting "Title"

Don't forget, you should set up different Payment Methos. One for Credit Card an another for PostFinance.

answered by Mike OTT (1.7k points)
thanks Mike. I did already add the Title properly and nothing happened. It is not shown on Shopify.
Even if I set up the Postfinance payment method separately, if the system does not show the title on Shopify front end, it will not make a difference.
Customers will see a card symbol without any title of logo of Postfinance (it is not in Shopify per default like VISA or Mastercard)

So the question remains: why the title of the payment method is not showing on Shopify front end?
I have the same question.
Sorry for the misunderstanding:
Ths shop system Shopify will not show the title you set in the wallee setting.

Please open the documentation:
and  install the Postfinance payment method separately by clicking on "Add PostFinance Card to Shopify" This should add the correct title and a symbol.