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Hi guys,

we tried to get email support from our dashboard but there is no way we can contact you.


asked by Zsuzsa POGATS (140 points)
edited by Sascha KRüSI

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Thank you for the input. We will add a support button to the dashboard.

In order to get in touch click the help symbol in the header (see screenshot).
[1]: https://ask.wallee.com/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=8273065168728657740

If you are on the standard plan you can only ask the community but you can book additional services using the support form. ![][1]

answered by Mike OTT (1.7k points)
Hi Mike,

thanks a lot. I don't have any help symbol in the header, hence I was wondering what has happened to the dashboard. I used to contact technical support through the dashboard before but apparently it was taken away from us. We are on a Base plan and should have access to email support.
I will just post my question there then in the community but it will be indeed nice to have the help functionality back if the option is included in our package.
Hi Mrs. Pogats

If you want to have the support I can upgrade you to the support package. The prices can be found here: https://app-wallee.com/pricing. Otherwise please ask you technical question in the forum.
I need a one time support: when you set up our payment system, you added all the card payment types under one processor and customers can't see what options they have. I would like to have it corrected and separate Postfinance from Credit Cards. Your support package is on a monthly basis. So how should that work? Can I downgrade from the support package afterwards? Or am I supposed to pay x month support package for a one-time correction?
I created an issue in our ticketing system. You will be contact for an offer and pricing.