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I added Walle app and payment gateway to our shopify store. it works for e-shop orders. But when we want to pass an order via admin UI (create an order option). we have the message : [ To add a credit card payment, activate a credit card gateway on your store ]. It's possible to use wallee for payments via shopify admin UI ?

asked by Pierre Renaud TREMBLAY (150 points)
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You can create orders out of the backend but you will have to click on Email Invoice in the Shopify backend. This will create a draft order and send an email to the customer that allows him to checkout regularly through the Shopify Checkout.

I added a screenshot that illustrates this.

answered by Sascha KRüSI (4.8k points)
Thx, for the suggestion. I know about that. But that's not the best practice. We practiced this for a while. We losed  80% of the phone-customers. No body likes to make an extra effort to buy something, at least our customers.