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I added Walle app and payment gateway to our shopify store. it works for e-shop orders. But when we want to pass an order via admin UI (create an order option). we have the message : [ To add a credit card payment, activate a credit card gateway on your store ]. It's possible to use wallee for payments via shopify admin UI ?

asked by Pierre Renaud TREMBLAY (150 points)
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You can create orders out of the backend but you will have to click on Email Invoice in the Shopify backend. This will create a draft order and send an email to the customer that allows him to checkout regularly through the Shopify Checkout.

I added a screenshot that illustrates this.

answered by Sascha KRüSI (5.1k points)
Thx, for the suggestion. I know about that. But that's not the best practice. We practiced this for a while. We losed  80% of the phone-customers. No body likes to make an extra effort to buy something, at least our customers.
Hi Wallee, is there an update on that? For us it would also be perfect if we could chose "invoice" as payment option for backend/draft orders, as we process quite some order coupon and phone orders.