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I'm trying to integrate wallee with six-payment-services (Worldline).
The GOAL is to create the payment link and process/capture the payments + receiving postback with payment confirmation.

I tried with SDK, but we are using an old PHP version 5.6 and the only SDK available is this one: php-sdk-1.1.6
I tried to update few classes at the last version, but I'm still receiveing the SSL issue. (If I deactivate the SSL check, I'm receiving another error).

SpaceId: 31490
USERID: 67754

Example of errors:
1. '[D65250E4-8111-CDFB-C2F2-A780883990FD] SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate'
2. Uncaught exception 'Wallee\Sdk\Http\ConnectionException' with message '[34858A9C-1A42-6AD6-F15B-CA91FEF0255F] SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate'

Disabling SSL check:
'[334CC375-3961-38CF-EB67-C6BE3736E3EA] Error 0 connecting to the API (https://app-wallee.com:443/api/transaction/read?spaceId=31490&id=300004484672544)'

Thank you!

EDIT LATER: I guess I made it work by disabling the SSl certificate with this command:

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Thank you for your Question.

The reason it is not working for you is that is a URL for the API/SDK, where you need to authorize the access via application user.

Therefore, please create an Application User for this to work. This can be done within your Account.

Also, please be advised to use the newest SDK Version in order for all to function correctly.

answered by James B├╝RKI (460 points)