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Hi Wallee,

I got this message, after I select credits card in my shop preprod.sole-runner.ch , so I cant pay with credit card:


[006735EA-8794-D893-3070-FC31531FAC4F] Permission denied for user Sole-Runner CH. The user needs at least one of the following permissions: Root >> Account Admin >> Space >> Payment >> Payment Processing >> Transaction >> Create
I'm using Siquando Shop6, multiuser. Adres: https://preprod.sole-runer.ch

Can you help ?

Many thanks,

asked by Rudolf BOLLIGER (120 points)

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Dear Rudolf

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Please check under:
Account>Application User if you gave Space Admin permissions.

Write us an email under info@wallee.com if you still are having that issue.

Best Regards,
Your Wallee Team

answered by Amanda CHEUNG (590 points)
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