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Hi everyone

From time to time we have customers who pay their invoices twice. We get notified and a manual task is being generated.

I'd like to book this double payment on the client anyway and then issue a refund. That would allow us to have a full history of a clients transactions.

But as far as I can see that's not possible. I can only assign a payment to an open invoice, which in this case obviously, does not exist. So until now we have just discarded the payment and made the refund directly via our bank. But by doing so we lose important information.

Is there any better way to deal with invoices that have been paid twice?


asked by Claudio BüTTLER (140 points)
Hey Wallee, can you provide help here?



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Hello Claudio

As you stated correctly, a payment can only be assigned to an open invoice.

It is possible to copy an invoice/transaction in the portal though and then connect it to the second payment via the "Link invoice button".
After that, the refund can be issued with the necessary steps. (Be aware of the difference between generic and Postfinance ISR)

This way, you can resolve the manual task too.

For details, please email info@wallee.com and link this wallee ask.

answered by Mirko GIRO (140 points)