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Can you answer what are the values for:

  1. certain number of attempts
  2. The time between the attempts

Excerpt from your documentation:
"We try to deliver the event until we reach a certain number of attempts. The time between the attempts is increased after each attempt. When the delivery keeps failing the listener will be deactivated to prevent further invocation of a potentially dead listener."

asked by Eduard HATAR (140 points)

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Thank you for your question.

it is attempted a total of 13 times. If the attempt fails, the second attempt is 30 seconds after the first failed one.

Then the time is doubled (1m then 2, then 4 etc.) each next attempt until the attempt has been sent 13 times.

After that a manual task is created, informing the merchant that they have to manually check the issue.

answered by James B├╝RKI (460 points)