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Hi, I connected my Shopify store with Wallee and Wallee is connected to Heidelpay. But I can't have a successful transaction in sandbox environment (Heidelpay Sandbox). I have always same message " Unfortunately, we can not complete your payment at the moment. You may be using a different form of payment or try again late ". What should I check or modify?

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asked by Pierre Renaud TREMBLAY (150 points)
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Hi Pierre,

I can see in your wallee space that you've had a few failed transactions due to incorrectly set processor configurations, and that the settings were changed a few hours after you asked your question and following to this there was a successful transaction. It looks like the Sender ID configured was wrong but it should work now. When you have an error message like this, always double-check your processor configuration. Create a few more test transactions to ensure it's working.

answered by Benjamin STADLER (2k points)
Yes, you are right the problem has been solved, I did not put the correct access key. Thx