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please we need your help urgently!

We process recurring transactions via API (/api/transaction/processWithoutUserInteraction).
Sales Channel: On-File.
- Concardis Acquiring - Visa
- Concardis Acquiring - Mastercard
- American Express - American Express

Every day we get more and more failed transactions with the error 'The authorization was declined. There is no payment connector configured which is applicable.'

We can't understand why it happens so.

Lately it happens with almost 60% of transactions in our account.
We have checked tokens - they are active. The payment connector also works for other transactions.

We know one situation that the end user had in his online banking the notification to the failed transaction: 'Your card was blocked'. But he next day the next recurring transaction was fulfilled and the card was successfully charged.
Can the credit cards (banks) block our recurring transactions? Maybe that's why we get them failed? Or what can be the reason?

Thank you!

asked by Theresia GUNKEL (160 points)
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Dear Theresia,

Thank you for your enquiry.

We will be happy to analyse your request. However, we still need the following details:

Please give us your Wallee Space ID and your company name (number in the upper left corner #)

We kindly please you to send us these informations over our support email which is info@wallee.com


answered by Dominik NIZIOL (460 points)