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how can i set iframe, email and document languages? i am using php sdk but i can't change the language. everything comes in english by default. I need to send the language I want when I start the checkout process, but it doesn't work. help me please.

not working -> $transactionInvoice->setLanguage($currentLang);

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asked by Alexandros CONTOYANNIS (180 points)
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Dear Alexandros,

We will gladly take a closer look at your request. Please create a ticket by writting us an email to the following address: info@wallee.com

wallee support

answered by Dominik NIZIOL (460 points)
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Its fixed, Apply to transaction, not invoice.

For example :

$transactionPayload = new TransactionCreate();

$transactionPayload->setLanguage('en-US'); // set language here, pattern: 'language-COUNTRY'

$transaction = $client->getTransactionService()->create(17302, $transactionPayload);
$javaScriptUrl = $client->getTransactionIframeService()->javascriptUrl(, $transaction->getId());
answered by Alexandros CONTOYANNIS (180 points)