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We have the latest wallee module for Prestashop.

In the frontend, if we make a payment selection and click on the payment checkbox, we got a script error in the console which counting endless:
245 times !!

javascript.js?ids=1507209361792,1444834745880,1445437077774,1445856845626,1445350780035,1539792394120,1482429267528,1445355766827,1498730279437,1446821366933,1489056859053,1446821366934,1586176824613&hash=8PJb2wyMCZrQfsqPNdTWXQrm04tycvJ6ouZfKPlCE6c=:45 Uncaught TypeError: e.replace is not a function

at Object.unserialize (javascript.js?ids=1507209361792,1444834745880,1445437077774,1445856845626,1445350780035,1539792394120,1482429267528,1445355766827,1498730279437,1446821366933,1489056859053,1446821366934,1586176824613&hash=8PJb2wyMCZrQfsqPNdTWXQrm04tycvJ6ouZfKPlCE6c=:45:1685)
at c (javascript.js?ids=1507209361792,1444834745880,1445437077774,1445856845626,1445350780035,1539792394120,1482429267528,1445355766827,1498730279437,1446821366933,1489056859053,1446821366934,1586176824613&hash=8PJb2wyMCZrQfsqPNdTWXQrm04tycvJ6ouZfKPlCE6c=:45:3136)

asked by Manuel MATT (180 points)

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Dear Manuel

Thank you for your request.

We will gladly take a closer look at your problem.

At first glance, it appears that the issue lies with an incorrect configuration.
However, we will gladly take the time to analyze the problem in more detail as part of your support contract. We thank you for your patience.

In order for us to look at the problem, please provide us with the following data:
Shop Backend Login (full access recommended - Cache access necessary).
Space ID

Please send us these credentials securely to our mail at info@wallee.com

Please make a complete backup before sending us the data.

We would like to point out that there may be short interruptions during interventions in the live system. We cannot accept any liability for such failures.
If you do not agree with this, please only send us access data to a test system provided by you and mention this explicitly.

If you are in a hurry you can always book our express complementary support online:

Best regards

answered by Dominik NIZIOL (460 points)