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hello dear team, i have already done some steps to connect with shopify and mollie. can you tell us what is still missing so that the payment providers are displayed in our shop
thanks in advance

asked by Brian HAAG (120 points)

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Thank you for your question.

In order to see the Payments in your shop, please go to your Shopify integration in Wallee and install the Payment app and hen the Payment gateway. After that, you have to enter the Token and shopidentyfier in the Shopify backend under Settings-Payment. The token and shopidentyfier can be generated in the Shopify connection under generate new token.

After doing so, your Payment providers are listed in the shop and ready to use.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to open a ticket or write us an E-Mail to info@wallee.com. We will gladly give you further support there if needed.

answered by James B├╝RKI (460 points)