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Hello I have followed the tutorial to configure wallee but when I go to checkout it shows there is no payment method configured.

asked by Prime INFOTECH (120 points)

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We will be happy to take a closer look at your problem. At first glance, it looks like the misbehavior you describe points to a misconfiguration.

However, as part of your support contract, we will be happy to take the time to analyze the problem in more detail. We ask for a little patience.

In order for us to look at the problem, we need your assistance. Please provide us with the following data:

Store backend login (full access recommended - cache access required).
SFTP or SSH login (full access to write to all files)
Payment Service Provider ( ) Login

Please send us the data to info@wallee.com

Best regards
Dominik Niziol

answered by Dominik NIZIOL (420 points)