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can you please help me.

Does PayPal Payment Method support Token?

Thank you.

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Unfortunately every PayPal Payment Method doesn't support Token. You can find here a list of Payment Methods which supports Token:

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Thank you for your answer.

Can you write me please which feature shows that the payment method support the token?

I've checked features of PayPal method in the documentation. It has the feature 'On-File Sales Channel' but no 'Scheme token'.   
In another question https://ask.wallee.com/1069/payment-methods-supported-token I got the answer:

"Both features support a "token", however these are two different technical processes. The feature you are probably looking for would be the "On-Files Sales Channel" - this is the 'standard token'.

The Scheme Token comes to use when e.g. a card is expired on a running subscription and the new card is automatically recognised on Issuer-side due to the Scheme Token."

That's why I'm really confused.
For example Visa, MasterCard have both features, i know 100% that they support token, but with PayPal it's not so clear.

Thank you.

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