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I've found the following information about token support by different payment methods. I'm only a bit confused because it's pointed on the feature 'On-File Sales Channel'.
My question is: which feature exactly shows that the payment method supports a token? 'Scheme Token' or 'On-File Sales Channel'?

Thank you!

asked by Lena LIMOKO (210 points)

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Hello Lena,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Both features support a "token", however these are two different technical processes. The feature you are probably looking for would be the "On-Files Sales Channel" - this is the 'standard token'.

The Scheme Token comes to use when e.g. a card is expired on a running subscription and the new card is automatically recognised on Issuer-side due to the Scheme Token.

I hope this helps you. If you have further questions do not hesitate to reach out us via Contact.

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answered by Dominik NIZIOL (540 points)
Hello Dominik,

thank you for your help!
Hello Dominik,

I'm still confused about using token in e.g. PayPal transactions. It has 'On-Files Sales Channel' and has no 'Scheme Token'. However I have created an initial transaction and there is no possibility to create a token for it. Credit card's transaction (Visa, MasterCard..) allow me to create a token.

In a similar question https://ask.wallee.com/1071/does-paypal-payment-method-support-token?show=1080#c1080 I've got the answer that PayPal method does not support token.

The logic of our APP is that by creation of initial transaction a token will be assign to it. Later we plan to use the token for recurring transactions to charge them without user interaction.

Thank you.