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We are processing recurring transactions in our application using Wallee SDK libraries in Java.

Is it possible to get the end state (failed/fulfilled) of a recurring transaction immediately so that we can be sure that the transaction is failed or successfully processed?
Because it's important for the following step in our application.

Here how we get the end state at the moment. If everything worked - we get state 'FULFILL'.

  1. We create a Transaction Object using a tokenId and then create a transaction with this object
    apiClient.getTransactionService().create(spaceId, transactionPayload);

  2. Then we process the transaction without user interaction
    apiClient.getTransactionService().processWithoutUserInteraction(spaceId, transaction.getId());

  3. And then complite
    apiClient.getTransactionCompletionService().completeOnline(spaceId, transaction.getId());

But when we tested some failures - we got state 'PROCESSING', in which transactions could 'hang' over 5 minutes and be failed or fulfilled. We would like to get state failed or fulfilled immediately.

asked by Lena LIMOKO (210 points)
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Dear Lena

Can you specify which payment method you have tried? The transaction should be canceled if the payment fails with the specific method.

The payment method can be specified here:

Furthermore they can also fetch all possible method IDs for a transaction with this service:

I hope we could help you with this information

answered by José Chi-Hieu MA (260 points)
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