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My setup is

Website : Shopify
Processor: Barclaycard ePDQ DirectLink
Connector: Credit Card: VISA
3D Secure: On

I can successfully create orders on my Shopify site, including the 3D secure step. After creating orders they are marked as:

  • Authorised in Wallee
  • Pending in Shopify
  • 91-Payment processing in the ePDQ backend

And then it gets stuck like that. The payment is reserved but it is never fully captured and so the funds are not transferred.

I have been through the backend setup with ePDQ support and confirmed all is well.

How can I get Wallee to perform the final capture step via the DirectLink?


asked by Jonny ANDERSON (160 points)

1 Answer

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I am going to answer my own question here in case you have experienced the same problem.

There was nothing wrong. It turns out that the Live ePDQ backend batch processes the payment requests overnight. So payments are left in the 'processing' state until the batch is run and the funds are captured.

answered by Jonny ANDERSON (160 points)
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