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Hi everyone,

we're using the Wallee-Shopify Integration and the BSPayOne Payment provider.
I activated the BSPayOne PaymentMethod "Credit / Debit" card which includes Mastercard and Visacard payments. It does show up in the shopify-frontend, but the displayed name is "Credit / Debit Cards" instead of "Kreditkarten" which I would need since it's a German store.
I did already change the title name in the Wallee configuration, where it says that that is shown to the cutomer - but that does not change anything.

How can I please change the title of the payment method shown in the shopify frontend?


asked by Thomas HAUBNER (220 points)

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Hi Tom

because of how shopify deals with payment methods it is unfortunately not possible to simply change to name of it in wallee. You can add the payment Method "Kreditkarte" under the following link:


It will then be displayed in german. If you need any other specifically named payment methods please send us an email.



answered by Sebastian GALLI (1.5k points)