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Found below message from Alipay documentation

"Alipay provides two API the standard Cross-Boarder-Online Payments and the New Cross Border Online Payments. By default we activate the Standard Cross-Border Online Payments. "

So question is: Is there anyway to change to use Alipay New Cross Board Online Payments?

asked by Wenxuan LI (180 points)

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Hi Wenxuan,

you can't change the API on-the-fly after you have created the processor configuration already.
You will need to create a new processor and choose the Option "Alipay New Cross Board Online Payments" directly. You can copy paste the existing configuration entries to the new processor configuration and when being done delete the old configuration.
Keep in mind that you will need to recreate your connector configuration too in order to reflect the changes.

answered by Benjamin STADLER (2k points)
thanks for your comment.
Do I need to re-create the "Payment Method"? My understanding is no.
Also, do I have to download a new public key and upload to Alipay, right?
You don't need to recreate the payment methods since they are independent of the processor, but you will need to check the connector configuration for the linked processor.
You will need to create a new key and upload, yes.